An Interview with Spencer Gordon

Spencer Gordon is a Toronto writer, the co-editor/co-founder of micro press Ferno House and the online literary journal, The Puritan, and the author of Cosmo. Cosmo is a collection of short stories, ranging from the straightforward and beautiful Jobbers (about a young boy and his love of wrestling) to the experimental Transcript: Appeal of the Sentence (a story taking place within a single sentence stretched out over several pages. Its title playing the dual role of transcribing an appeal to a court sentence as well as describing the fun, the appeal, of playing with a written sentence as it meanders seamlessly from one idea to the next). Spencer took some time to give some insight into the stories in Cosmo and if you happen to read them (which I’d recommend), read them in order!

Cosmo is available from Coach House Books.

Spencer’s website can be found here.


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