My Love Letter to CBC Radio 3 On Their 10 Year Anniversary (via 2009) – Part 1

We had to put our dog Emma down today. She was a wonderful, loyal pet. I wrote in this post about how our childhood dog died alone overnight at the vet and I’m glad we got to be with Emma at the end. This post is about a time we got into a bad accident in Chile and I thought we were going to have to put her down. She made it almost 10 more years and lived quite a life…

David E. Burga

Every year since 2009, around this time of year, I think of a particular day when I was living and working in Chile. Since this year marks the 10th anniversary of the CBC Radio 3 Podcast, I thought this would be a good time to write about it.

Tl;dr – I lived in Chile for a year. I got into a car accident with my dog. A lot of songs from the CBC podcasts of that time remind me of that year. I made a playlist here.


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Reading With Ava – To Every Thing There is a Season

Reading With Ava – To Every Thing There is a Season

I can’t remember at what age I stopped believing in Santa Claus, but I know there was certainly an absolute end date and that was the Christmas of Grade 4. My family went back to Peru for the first time since moving to Canada and my father told us we weren’t getting anything at Christmas because there wouldn’t be any money for presents. I remember being upset about it and he said “when we go to Peru, you’ll see people who have nothing.” I’ve always remembered that.


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The Fine – New Flash Fiction in the Lunaris Review

While I was whittling down my manuscript, I had to look at each chapter and try to think of it within the context of the whole. This was a chapter that didn’t make the final cut as it didn’t develop the character (by that point in the story, the reader knows the protagonist doesn’t fit in) and it didn’t advance the plot. But I thought it worked well as a standalone piece and the good people over at the Lunaris Review saw fit to give it a home. Here’s a link to the story:



The Millennial Whoop: A glorious obsession with the melodic alternation between the fifth and the third

The Millennial Whoop: A glorious obsession with the melodic alternation between the fifth and the third

This is a great article on a common vocal pattern seen a ton of modern hits.

The Patterning

This week, The Lonely Island released a music video for a song that was cut from their new movie, Popstar. The deleted scene for the song, “Fuck Off,” shows Conner4Real (Andy Samberg’s Bieber-esque teen idol character) joyfully belting out the most over-the-top expression of teenage angst possible.

The song is an incredible parody, not least because Samberg and company have caught onto a melodic phenomenon that has plagued the airwaves for the past several years, which they use to great effect at the song’s 40 second mark.

I like to call this melodic snippet the “Millennial Whoop.” It’s a sequence of notes that alternates between the fifth and third notes of a major scale, typically starting on the fifth. The rhythm is usually straight 8th-notes, but it may start on the downbeat or on the upbeat in different songs. A singer usually belts these notes with an “Oh” phoneme, often in a “Wa-oh-wa-oh” pattern…

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The Tragically Hip – Sunday August 14, 2016

The last time I saw The Tragically Hip was for Canada’s 125th birthday celebration at Molson Park in Barrie in 1992, a few months before the release of Fully Completely and before they became the biggest band in the country. Twenty-four years and eleven albums later, they are playing their final tour after Gord Downie announced he had terminal brain cancer.


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The Toughest Workout of My Life with UFC’s Clay Guida

This post gets a bump every time Clay Guida fights, so I thought I’d share again.

David E. Burga

I wrote this about a year and half ago for a friend’s now defunct fitness website, so I thought I’d throw it up here. Clay Guida fights Tatsuya Kawajiri on April 11, 2014 in Abu Dhabi.

One has fists like hammers, the other likes poutine and beer.

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Recap – The FOLD (Festival of Literary Diversity)

Recap – The FOLD (Festival of Literary Diversity)

I remember seeing the idea for FOLD grow on Twitter over a year ago to finally coming together. I looked at the lineup and sessions and bought a weekend pass. I liked the idea of FOLD in theory but the reality was so much better than I possibly expected. Everyone involved should be incredibly proud of what they accomplished this past weekend.

The inaugural FOLD event was held at the Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives centre in downtown Brampton. Although I work about 5 minutes south of this building, I had never been to it before. It’s an interesting building that mixes old and new as an addition was built over an old courthouse that was built in 1867.


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Reading With Ava – Shadowshaper

Reading With Ava – Shadowshaper

Sierra Santiago is a Brooklyn teen, trying to have a normal life and hang with her artsy friends. But she discovers that in her family are Shadowshapers, manipulators of ancient spirits that utilize art as a conduit, for Sierra, this comes in the form of mural painting. With the help of a fellow artist, Robbie, Sierra is able to bring her murals to life but the Shadowshaper’s are in danger. Sierra’s grandfather shared the secret of Shadowshaping with an anthropologist, Dr. Wick, and he’s trying to gain the power of the Shadowshapers for himself.

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