New Story in Nomfiction Anthology

A few years ago we were having Indian food over at a friend’s house and when I asked if he got the recipes from his mother, my friend said he got them off the internet. We talked a lot about our cultural connection with food and since my wife is Canadian, I realized if I didn’t learn to make the Peruvian staples I grew up with, my children would never learn to make them either. So I’ve made efforts to learn a few Peruvian dishes, one being Ceviche, the national dish of Peru. Ceviche is a simple dish of raw fish marinaded in lime juice with salt and cilantro. It’s become very popular in recent years, with all sorts of different disastrous takes on the original. If you aren’t in Peru, a Peruvian restaurant, or at my mother’s house, I would strongly recommend that you NOT order the ceviche. I wrote a story about learning to make Ceviche with my mom for a food anthology put out by Big Truths.

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The collection is going to print and is available for order, but is also free to read online. The editorial team were great to work with and I was very pleased with the final product. The other pieces I’ve read so far were great, my story is available here.