The Song That Changed Your Life

I found out today that a story I wrote made the short list in a CBC writing contest:

I wrote it quickly and submitted it before I went on vacation and while I’m glad it made the short list, I wish I took more time to make it better. 400 words isn’t a lot of space (I still think those 400 words are better than the terrible 500 page coming-of-age novel I wrote based on the same events that will never see the light of day) but I feel some of the other entries really capitalized on it.

I wish I could have explained how that summer fundamentally changed the course of the rest of my life.

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Top Songs – 2012

I found out today that CBC Radio 3’s Craig Norris is moving on to host the Kitchener-Waterloo Morning show for CBC. I have to give a lot of credit to CBC Radio 3 for keeping me from being some old guy pining for the music of his adolescence and twenties.

And while I get about 90% of my new music from Radio 3, I seem to have a different idea of what constitutes a great song. Back in 2009, I thought this song would be in the Top 5 for the year, it didn’t even make the top 103! I still think it’s a fantastic, catchy, well written and quintessentially Canadian song. So with that in mind, here are my favourite tracks from 2012 (only 3 of which made CBC’s top 103 for the year).

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